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Deeds and Contracts: An agreement on the difference

The term 'Deed' is commonly used in the legal and business industry to describe certain types of agreements and documents that bind two or more parties. It is not always readily apparent, however, the difference between Deeds and other agreements. There is a clear difference between Deeds and Contracts both in terms of how they are used [...]

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Copyright and Trademarks – A brief overview of Intellectual Property in Australia

In the Technology Age, quality content is produced daily. With the potential to monetize creative works across a multitude of social media and distribution platforms, the risk exposure and liabilities associated with Intellectual Property rights are increasingly important. There are many different types of intellectual property rights and laws that protect intellectual property, and these [...]

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Substance or Form? Developments in the Law of Wills

Properly drafted Wills are usually, within the exceptions of the law, taken to be the definitive intention as to the estate of an individual. An improperly drafted will was traditionally seen as a valuable opportunity to contest the document and claim a portion of the deceased's estate. The pitfalls of 'budget wills', and those not executed [...]

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Prenupital Agreements: The Ruling of ‘Thorne v Kennedy’

Prenuptial agreements have been widely held to be the perfect instrument for protecting one's assets in a marriage, particularly where there is a vast inequality in the wealth brought to the relationship. However, the recent High Court ruling found in Thorne v Kennedy [2017] HCA 49 could have a substantial impact in the effectiveness of prenuptial agreements [...]

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Wills on a Budget: Avoiding the Heartbreak of “Budget” Wills.

Almost half of all Australian's don't have a will. Many of these wills are improperly executed, and can lead to months and even years of distress under dire circumstances. When most people think about wills, they usually assume that it's a document created after retirement, and reserved for the elderly. However, when compared with the [...]

By | April 27th, 2017|Property & Conveyancing, Wills & Probate|0 Comments

Trees, Boundaries and Neighbor Disputes – Common Issues in Property Law

Trees on or affecting boundary fences are some of the most common disputes among neighbors in property law. It is important to know your rights and responsibilities so that such issues can be resolved without breaking any rules. Overhanging Branches and Leaves Affecting Property In general, if a branch or limb crosses the fence boundary [...]

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7 Tips When Signing Property Contracts and Other Documents

These quick tips when signing a contract or other legal document may seem self-explanatory, but collectively are some of the most crucial points to remember. When it comes to buying property or starting a business they are often quick, emotion-based decisions. Taking note of these 7 quick tips may prevent years of heartache and thousands [...]

Simple Will

What is a “Simple” Will? There is a greater degree of certainty with a “simple” Will as to what will happen with the estate than with a testamentary trust. That is because with a simple Will, all or part of the assets in the estate are held on trust, but the beneficiaries are limited in [...]

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