Business Names Registration

What is the new National Business Names Register? The system of business name registration that was administered by each state and territory independently has ceased. No longer does Australia have a fragmented system that requires businesses to register their business names in each state or territory. From 28 May 2012, ASIC will maintain the new [...]

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POWER OF ATTORNEY WHAT DOES IT MEAN You should always have a plan to deal with those times when you are not able to manage your personal business affairs – be it temporary or in the event of infirmity or tragedy.  For this reason, it is wise to appoint a ‘power of attorney’ who will [...]

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Trust Deeds

Trust Deeds Services We provide the following services- ·  Advice on the use of discretionary trusts. ·  Advice on unit trusts. ·  Preparation of discretionary trust deeds. ·  Preparation of unit trust deeds. ·  Preparation of minutes for unit trust. ·  Preparation of documents associated with the unit trusts. Discretionary Trusts Discretionary Trusts are often [...]

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