Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest things most people ever do. With that in mind, it is important that you obtain the best possible advice. Here are some questions you may wish to ask when choosing or retaining

Do I come to your office, or is the material sent to me by email or mail? Who do I see at your office? Is the person I see a solicitor or a clerk? Does your firm specialise in property and related transactions? What skill level and expertise does the person that I will be seeing have? What are your costs, and how do they compare with other solicitors or firms?

If you were to ring RM Legal , the answers that you would get would be as follows:-

Unless you are interstate, overseas or incapable of attending our office, we will have a “face to face” meeting to discuss the purchase or sale. Generally it takes at least half an hour to fully discuss all of the issues relating to the purchase or sale of a property and the most efficient and accurate way of doing that is by meeting with us personally. You will either see a Solicitor at RM Legal in all your conveyancing transactions. Our very skilled Legal Clerks will facilitate settlement arrangements, but the initial interview and the overall carriage of the matter is the responsibility of a solicitor. RM Legal is a firm specifically focused on property, commercial and estate planning legal work. Property Law is not incidental to our practice; it is an integral and essential part of our business.

We recognise that property transactions and related issues require a quick and effective response as they may involve most important and significant financial decisions you will ever make. Careful and efficient negotiation, clear communication and concise documentation are key features in our approach to property law.

Our property services consist of the following transactions:

  • Buying & Selling of Real Estate (Investments/Off-the-plan/Company & Strata Titles)

  • Leasing of shops, factories, and offices

  • Real estate developments, approvals, subdivisions, title consolidation and associated processes

  • Property trusts and Structure

  • Local Government dealings & negotiations

  • Planning & environmental law

  • Land Tax and Stamp Duty advice

  • Building & Construction contracts and disputes

  • Fencing Disputes

  • Retirement Villages

  • Resumptions, acquisitions, easements & other property rights

  • Strata Title issues

  • Advice and assistance with mortgagee and guarantee documentation