Can i keep a dog in my apartment?

Depending on what the by-laws to your strata laws schemes says, you may have to first ask for the written consent of your Owners Corporation before you can have a dog in your lot.
Many strata schemes adopt the by-laws set out in the Strata laws Schemes Management Act 1996 (NSW). According to By-Law 16 in that Act, an owner or occupier must not keep any animal on the lot or the common property without first obtaining the written consent of the Owners Corporation.
By the same token, an Owners Corporation cannot unreasonably withhold its consent, particularly where the owner or occupier agrees to abide by certain conditions, such as having the dog on a lead when on the common property and cleaning up after the dog.
In some cases, an Owners Corporation may have modified By-Law 16 to allow the keeping of certain pets.
In any event, a by-law cannot prevent or restrict you from keeping or using a guide or hearing dog on your lot or the common property.
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