Some types of assets are not usually considered an asset of your Estate when you die and are not able to be distributed as per your Will. One of these assets may be your Superannuation entitlements.

Usually, your Superannuation Sydney will be distributed as per the Trust Deed that governs your Superannuations fund.

Most Trust Deeds will allow you to nominate a Beneficiary of your choice. Such a nomination can be either Binding or Non-Binding. If it is Non-Binding then the Trustee of your fund may still be able to use their discretion to determine to whom your Superannuation Sydney is distributed on your death.

If you make a Binding Nomination, you will have to renew this nomination every three years. You should contact your Superannuations fund for more details.

Superannuation Sydney

You can ensure your Superannuation Sydney is paid to your Estate by nominating your Legal Personal Representative (or Executor) as your beneficiary and your Superannuation will then be distributed as per your Will. For more information regarding superannuation, contact Solicitors Parramatta. Solicitors Parramatta provide timely, cost effective and accurate legal advice in the area of superannuation and retirement.

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