Summer can be an ideal time to make your will. That’s because making a will is something you want to do when you’re relaxed and happy. But for some people, whether it’s summer, Autumn, winter or spring, doesn’t matter—making a will doesn’t get done because of how they think about wills.

Check out five commonly held misconceptions or myths about wills—and why they’re just not true at all.

1. Making a will is expensive

Years ago, this myth might have had some truth to it; after all, people didn’t have the opportunity to compare prices and services of estate planning attorneys. Today, however, making a will doesn’t have to be expensive, and the Internet has truly made finding the right help with your will as easy as it’s ever been. There are plenty of affordable options available for all types of estates. All you have to do is research to find the best option for you.

2. Making a will is complicated

Making decisions about the fate of your assets shouldn’t be taken lightly, and you should absolutely take the time necessary to figure out what you want. Putting those wishes into a comprehensive will, complete with advanced provisions, though, can be quite simple. Again, doing the legwork at the outset to find the right option for preparing your will can make a big difference in your overall experience.

3. Making a will is time-consuming

Creating a will doesn’t have to take more than a morning of your time. When selecting how to prepare your will, be sure to choose the most comprehensive but also convenient method for you.

4. Making a will is for new parents, the elderly, or people with health problems

While all of the above-mentioned people should certainly have wills to make sure their wishes are followed, they aren’t the only ones. Wills are essential documents for all adults; think of it in the same context as going to the doctor for your annual check-up, only in this instance, it’s a check-up on your estate rather than your health. Having a will is just the right thing to do for you and your family, no matter your age or current health status.

5. Making a will is forever

Having a “last will” doesn’t mean that you can only have this one will for the rest of your life. To the contrary, your will is a living document, and you can and should update it periodically to reflect any changes in your and your loved one’s situations and relationships.

Now that you know the truth about the importance, ease, convenience, and affordability of creating a will, you can reframe the idea of making it in a new light. For most people, making a will truly is easy and summer the ideal time to get yours done.

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