Wills on a Budget: Avoiding the Heartbreak of “Budget” Wills.

Almost half of all Australian's don't have a will. Many of these wills are improperly executed, and can lead to months and even years of distress under dire circumstances. When most people think about wills, they usually assume that it's a document created after retirement, and reserved for the elderly. However, when compared with the [...]

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Trees, Boundaries and Neighbor Disputes – Common Issues in Property Law

Trees on or affecting boundary fences are some of the most common disputes among neighbors in property law. It is important to know your rights and responsibilities so that such issues can be resolved without breaking any rules. Overhanging Branches and Leaves Affecting Property In general, if a branch or limb crosses the fence boundary [...]

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7 Tips When Signing Property Contracts and Other Documents

These quick tips when signing a contract or other legal document may seem self-explanatory, but collectively are some of the most crucial points to remember. When it comes to buying property or starting a business they are often quick, emotion-based decisions. Taking note of these 7 quick tips may prevent years of heartache and thousands [...]

Obtaining Probate

When a person dies leaving a valid will, their estate is distributed according to the terms of their will. A probate order states that the will has been proven to be the last valid will of the deceased. It allows the executor to collect, distribute the estate and execute the wishes of the deceased in [...]

Buying off the Plan

Buying Off the Plan? What to Look For WHAT ARE YOU BUYING?: You should carefully examine the architect’s plans and the list of specifications to ensure you are satisfied with what you are contracting to buy. Also carefully examine the proposed Plan of Subdivision to identify your lot, its location and aspect and its size. [...]

The significance of pre-purchase inspections

After practising in property law for many years one of the biggest surprises we come across on a weekly basis is buyers of property that do not undertake a thorough inspection of the property before signing the contract of sale. This is usually because buyers concentrate on the bigger ticket aspects such as the number [...]

Annual Checkup: Is Your Estate Plan Up-to-Date

It’s also important to periodically check up on the plans you’ve set in place. As another year comes to a close, take a moment to look over your various legal and financial documents to make sure you still agree with what’s in writing, and update as necessary. A will is the primary means of ensuring [...]

Wills Check-list What you should do before making a Will

Wills Check-list List the assets you are able to dispose of by a Will. Consider whether you want any specific items such as cars, antiques or jewellery to be left to specific beneficiaries. List your debts and consider how these are to be repaid on your death. Decide whether you want to leave any specific [...]

Discover What Good Commercial Lawyers Sydney can do for You!

Whether you are planning to start up your own business or you already have a well-established business in existence, it is advisable to hire a commercial solicitor. Commercial Lawyers Parramatta as well as elsewhere play an important role in successfully running a business and protecting it from all sorts of legalities and complexities. There are hundreds [...]