Wills Check-list

  • List the assets you are able to dispose of by a Will.
  • Consider whether you want any specific items such as cars, antiques or jewellery to be left to specific beneficiaries.
  • List your debts and consider how these are to be repaid on your death.
  • Decide whether you want to leave any specific instructions regarding funeral arrangements.
  • Wills check-list.
  • Choose an executor and a substitute executor who will be able to administer your estate.
  • Consider the powers and directions you want to give your executor.
  • List all persons who may be legally entitled to claim a share of your estate and consider how best to avoid possible challenges to your Will.
  • Choose guardians for your infant child.
  • Seek advice about the legal formalities of making a valid Will.
  • Arrange for the assistance of two independent adult witnesses who can sign your Will.
  • Advise your executor of the whereabouts of your Will and give him or her a copy of it in a sealed envelope.
  • Arrange for your Will to be left with a solicitor, your bank or in a private safe.
  • If you have a Will, check that it still complies with your wishes, that it cannot be legally challenged and that it is stored in a safe place.
  • If your Will no longer complies with your wishes, seek legal advice about whether you should make a Codicil or a new Will.

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