The Following rules are to be applied in business and/or private life as they include the attributes of successful Business people:

  • Remember – success breeds success – always look, act and portray success.
  • Be a leader – provide courteous assistance, encouragement and deserve praise.
  • Possess a positive mentality – avoid negativity and take positive approach to problems.
  • Motivate yourself – read or listen to motivational literature and recordings.
  • Exude happiness – this is overwhelming and infectious and is appreciated by business associates and staff alike.
  • Be friendly and relaxing – avoid upsetting influences, take a deep breath and acknowledge that all problems are resolvable with a clear mind.
  • Surround yourself with successful people – this is contagious, learn from them.
  • Utilise the specialized services of others – this will enable you to overcome hurdles expeditiously, cost effectively and retain your peace of mind.
  • Turn bad into good – you have opportunity to be creative and to use your talents.
  • Be healthy – look after your health and have 6 monthly health checks. You are the most important person in your life, for without you, your loved ones will suffer.

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